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An object thrown hit the target. Dariush was thrown at with a can and now had more alcohol on his surface. But he had more alcohol inside.

OH, he was the creep now. Sure, Raina's not creepy at all. With her eyes of a witch or her fucking dyed hair. Who colours the hair in blue? Cyan. Whatever. It looked anime. Darius had at least a cool colour. And not his whole hair to imitate some vocaloid. Raina was being the creepy one with throwing liquid at Dar-

But luckily, before he could open his mouth to reply, Michael and Jonathan interferred and-

really, that did not stop him at all.

"Your face ain't worth it."

He let himself go from Michael's hand, stumbling but ultimately landing on two feet in the end. Hah. That comeback. Hopefully some witnesses of this event will remember that comeback forever. Or that rejoinder.

"Wayne, of course you're put off alcohol with that face."

Good. Now, after having been offensive, he had to defend himself. Gonna grind up all the defensive points, heh.

"Groves would spank y'all for your lack of musical knowledge, you philistines."

He tried to recall lyrics. Lyrics fitting and witty for this situation he's in. Other than Pirate songs his head was emp-

oh. Of course, the most obvious choice.

"Anone Hayaku, Pasokon ni...miku miku, dadadada"

This song sucks and was Raina's theme song and that's the reason why Darius couldn't continue singing and forgot the lyrics. Yup. But it showed that Dariush was able to sing. But he stopped. Because. He drank. Result: He had to pee. Junko wanted him to 'do something'. Watzlawick whispered into Dariush' ear that she meant that he should go away from the party. OK. Well, Pauly said that Darius should leave the society of drunk people temporarily, to let things calm down, maybe conspire against him; who knows. Because Junko was the only cool one who didn't instantly side with Miku, Dariush respected her wish. He also had to piss anyway. So Dariush left the place to urinate, distancing himself from the group. Singing to himself:

"Wherever you are, dadadadada. Wherever you are, dadadadadada. Whatever you say, dadadadadada."

And thus he went to search a tree or a bush or something.
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