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Bridgette was right: even if she took some time off from planning, there was a whole committee to make sure things went okay. Still though, even if she were to spend the evening just simply… relaxing at the dance, she wanted to be 100 percent sure that everything is sorted. Besides, Emma was the kind of person who wasn’t satisfied if she hadn’t accomplished something each day. If it wasn't the dance, it was a school trip. If it wasn't a school trip, it was a fundraiser. If it wasn't a fundraiser, it was a school dance. That's just how she did things.

"Oh! Prom" she said as she gently massaged the skin between her thumbs and forefingers. "That's true. If we spend all of our time working on the appetizer, we aren't going to have a good main course."

People had bigger expectations for Prom than they did Sadie Hawkins. Sadie Hawkins was supposed to be more calm and relaxed. Not as much pressure, you know? But yes. Prom was definitely something they needed to sort out too. Not as close on the horizon, but still something that they needed to focus on in the near future.

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