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Rorick Skyve
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Whoa. Going right at it, huh? No time wasted on sugary shit, no winking, no blinking, nothing. Just straight up to the point; arrived five seconds ago and already skin to skin action. Kind of a shame, skipped the part where he'd hold his epic entrance speech, no escaping the Beaks, that kinda stuff. Woulda been fun. But hey, why complain? He had what he wanted.

Aiden's muscles were mostly limp at this point, he was in a state of complete relaxation. This was actually really damn nice, this whole hugging business. Would have taken a hug by his lovely sis over this any day, sure - shitty comparison, really - but this here, this was quality too. This chick was unpredictable and he was lovin' it. Could have probably eaten him for breakfast, if she wanted to, sure as shitfire. Only one reason more for him to be into her.

He could actually hear her heart beat under her chest. Nice. Rhythm of love, rhythm of life right there. Again, reminded him of Sharon, but now really was the worst fucking time to think of his big sis. Was creepin' himself out, so he was. Plenty of time for that left on another day in paradise. Just not fucking now.

Not sure if he even wanted to move. The more he thought about it, the less he wanted to. Running and gunning and jumping around like some crazy-ass ball-lighting was beyond awesome, true as truth, but doing absolutely fucking nothing for a change, that was...nice. Unexpected, yup, but nice. Not to mention her smell. Who needed some cow drowning in fancy-ass perfume? Odor of Mother-fucking-Nature right here. Sweet as hell.

Still, they couldn't just keep standing there all day and night, could they? Stars would be watching them soon, those shiny pervs. Privacy was kinda important. As sorry as he was, he had to end that hug.

Tenderly, almost politely, he pushed himself away from Fi's torso, handling her with all the gentleness necessary in order to not anger the lion queen. Didn't want to undermine her authority, after all. Show her she was still in charge. Large and in charge. Not even exaggerating.

Her hand still loosely clinging to his back, he looked her back in the eyes, still hidden away behind those shades. Even so, they were made of pure fucking fine. As was she.

His lips formed a smile, somewhat softer than before. "You're one tall chick, Fi. Wasn't kiddin' when I said you could eat me all up back there." The impish gleam returned to his eyes. Corner of his mouths curled all the way up again. Cloud ninety nine and beyond, suckers. This was his moment. No wannabe punk in the world could ruin it for him now.

"Hey, and even if you did, I'd be a-ok with it. Cuz you are ab-so-lutely worth it, true as truth."

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