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There he was. She knew he would come. He wanted to. She wanted him. He found her, and he came to her - grinning like a kid awaiting a few good words for answering a tricky question the right way. Truly, so very truly adorable.

She giggled for seconds. Laughed as Aiden slowly halted in front of her. She thought he seemed sweaty. He smelled good, though. Not in the classic sense, but perhaps it was indeed the sweat that worked it's charm on her. She wasn't much different. Meaning, there was quite the strong scent on her too. Strong enough for Aiden to track her, no?

Fiyori jumped from the fence, landing just before Aiden's feet.

"Welcome to the lion's den."

She smirked, got herself closer and embraced Aiden. So small, so cute. His head rested on her chest, and Fiyori's right hand fondled his hair and her left one took a firm hold of Aiden's back. She lowered her head. Burrowed her nose in his hear and took a deep sniff - taking in that oh so penetrating yet irresistible smell of his.
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