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One moment. One moment can mean a whole lot of shit. On one hand, you could be having the worst day of your life, only to realize you've won the lottery, on the other, you could've won the lottery, and while you were celebrating some fat bitch in a Prius runs you over and gives you brain damage. There's a lot of ways one moment can change everything, and right now, well it probably wasn't one of those moments. Michael continued his conversation with Jonathan, and everything seemed to be going great. Until the one man special needs choir decided to sing something...

Speaking of spectator sports... Turns out, Darius was shitfaced before everyone else was even a tenth buzzed, Dee was taking it like a champ! Michael could only blurt out a quick "The fuck?" and a few small laughs before he turned around and watched the heroic gladiator by the name of 'Tardicus sing out it's mating call. Michael started to laugh harder. Then, the walking potato decided to finish his courtship dance with a hug and a whisper. This sent Mike into hysterics. He turned to Jonathan. "Can't get this type of entertainment anywhere, how-lee shit!"

Michael was laughing until Raina fell flat on her ass and tossed a beer can at Darius. At this point, there were three things he could do. One, was ignore it. Two was go in and break it up before shit got real and everything fucked up. Then there was number three, pull out his cellphone, start recording and yell Worldstar at the top of his lungs. Number three was pretty tempting, but Jonathan made his choice for him when he started walking up there. Michael didn't want Jonathan to get involved or get himself hurt, so he picked number two and joined Jonathan on a two man cavalry, here to rescue the party like Roosevelt rescued America.

Jonathan was already comforting Raina, so that left Michael with damage control. Both of them couldn't just crowd around Raina and tell her everything's okay, that'd just piss off Darius even more, you needed one person on each side to make sure shit would cool off. Michael knew this from 'personal' experiences. Too much attention on one side and the fight breaks out even faster.

He walked up to Darius and put his right hand on his shoulder. "Don't man, ain't worth it." Michael gave the closest thing he could to a consoling smile, and wiped some of the alcohol off of Darius with his sleeve. Shit, that might've been a mistake. It's bad enough to walk home smelling like booze, coz that'll be a fun one to explain to mom and pop, but then there was actually washing his jacket. It takes a LOT of damn work to get rid of cheap beer scent in leather clothing. Fuck it though that's later, right now we just gotta focus on Dee not going into an alcohol induced rampage.

Darius wasn't the type to get pissed easily, but being drunk and having beer cans thrown at you just proves to be a horrible combination in anyone.
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