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((Aiden Slattery continued from Aloha Heja He))

Fuck. Not cool, not fucking cool. He couldn’t have lost her, could he? No way that had happened. He wasn’t some slow-ass pushover, he was motherfucking Aiden, The Flash himself didn’t have shit on him! And yet…

Aiden stopped his sprint along the walkway, came to a slithering halt. He wasn’t tired yet, no way. Bit out of breath, sure, but nothing that would hold him back for long. He was standing directly in front of a junction, going four ways. Crazy chick couldn’t have gone back the way he just came, so there were three options. Had to rely on the luck of the Irish again, did he? Shit on a stick, man. Not. Cool.

He rubbed his neck in frustration. There, that was the spot, still a bit itchy. The spot where cougar girl had tried to take a bite outta him. Fuck, he’d have given another chunk of his dizzedy damn ear to have her at his neck again. Wasn’t even that farfetched, really. With the levels of nuts that gal was, he sure as hell wouldn’t have put it past her.

Well, shit. Even the motherfucking sun was stabbing him in the back now. Started to shy away, that oversized light bulb, did it? Couldn’t handle a simple Irishman in hot pursuit? Pussy. Bring on the fucking dusk, then. See if he cared.

Aiden looked at the junction again, glanced to the left, then the right, then ahead. Right. Left again. Repeat. Finally, he gave up, a heavy sigh escaping his lips. No use. No frickedy frickin' use. No way he’d figure out which way she went. Had to take a gamble, choose Door One, Two or Three. Only he wouldn’t even get a goddamn booby prize if he chose wrong. If he chose right, though…

Fuck it. Whining like a baby bitch wouldn’t do him any good. Whatever would happen next, he’d leave it up to his old pal fate. Hadn’t been around in a while, that prick. About time, really.

Once more, Aiden looked to he left. That way? Nah, not left. He was right-handed, why the fuck would he choose left? Right, then? Hell no. Right was where that son of a motherless goat Bradley had ripped up his ear. Straight ahead, then. That your final answer? You bet it was.

He started running again. He went fast, like he was running for his life, like the T-Rex, the baddest of bad motherfuckers itself was behind him. Must go faster.

Aiden had already stopped caring about anything at this point, even though only seconds had passed. His body filled up with adrenaline, head to toes. Running, dashing, sprinting, it was all he wanted to do in that moment. Livin‘ the high life, raging bull coming through! Best thing in the world. Just keep running. Feel the flow of the fucking universe. Run until he was an old fart, then topple over and die, end of story. Didn’t matter, as long as he could keep-

Nevermind. Theres she was.

That figure all the way back there, that straight up amazone on the fence, that was what he was after. Success, baby. Oh, he did love it when a plan came together. He slowed his pace, gradually slacking off until he came to a halt, almost within reaching distance of her.

He grinned. Of course he did. He had every reason in the whole, round-ass world.

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