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[[Fiyori Senay, continued from Aloha Heja He]]

The sun was setting. Slowly, but surely. Because that was what the sun did. She wouldn't say it was the sun's job to set because the sun was merely a big ball of gas that was fusing together, and the very notion of the setting sun is born of an illusion that puts the observer into the center of their world.

...anyway. It was setting, so some time passed. Fiyori came home. Or well, came short before her home. She removed her hair clips once again, her black mane flowing free as a gentle breeze ran through it. The Senay's lived in an apartment. Three rooms to live, a kitchen, a bathroom, a corridor to connect them all and a small balcony (praised by their landlord as 'miniature garden'). There was a fence though. A proper fence made from stone that marked the line between that lot and the streets. The fence was brown and dusty, and for that one evening, decorated with Fiyori.

She sat on the fence, legs dangling in front of her. And before Fiyori was a woman, smoking a cigarette and judging Fiyori with stern eyes.

Fiyori paid the woman no attention, staring to the left, awaiting a certain young man to appear from beyond the horizon. The woman in front of her finished her cigarette, flicked the stub that remained to the side and shook her head.

"You really are a slut."

The woman chuckled, patted Fiyori on her cheek and went on her own way. She wouldn't return until way after midnight. And so, Fiyori suspected, would her husband.

"Seeya, mother."

She didn't look after her, as she went into the opposite direction of where she hoped her prey would come running. She hoped he'd came. She figured him to be tough. To be full of energy, to hang onto her, to follow her to the end of the world. Or only to her home, which was the same.

A minute passed. A second passed. And there he came.
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