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Trav's right hand shot down and across his body to catch the kick. He raised Jerry's leg up and scythed out his left leg to kick Jerry's standing leg out from under him.

Who the fuck threw out a side kick anyway? From punching distance no less. Trav would have questioned if Jerry thought he was Saenchai but well...yeah Jerry.

Dumping Jerry on his ass wasn't the friendliest thing to do (it was a Saenchai favorite though), but at the same time they were kickboxing and that could happen. It would be better for him in the long run, a lesson he would be able to apply to his next-ah who was he kidding. Jerry probably wasn't going to learn shit.

As Trav stepped back to let Jerry stand he considered whether or not he was being too harsh on the other boy. He didn't want to make him feel bad; Trav was just disappointed. He had heard all Jerry's talk and had expected something a bit more than he was being given. Jerry seemed able to match him in speed and reflexes but in terms of technique and fight IQ? Trav appeared to have a sizable advantage there. It was an important thing to consider as well. If everything was relatively even then the more thoughtful fighter was more likely to win.

They weren't fighting though, so Trav was more than happy to step back and let Jerry get up.

He held out his fist for a glove touch before they resumed.

Proper etiquette and all that shit.
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