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Fiyori laughed. She laughed, as her earnest performance of a pouty face broke. Defense mechanism, alright. What an incredible protective strategy. He was laying still, practically begging for her to take him in one piece. And she would do so. Yet at a later point of time.

Her hair was still dangling in front of her. With a quick and skilled motion, her pins were back in place, and so was most of her black strands. And yet some of her hair, small strings descending on her face, still tickled. Tickled her lips, tickled her nose and so she blew them away, only so that they may return a second later.

Fiyori laughed. Once more, but more silent this time.

Aiden played it well. He stalked, sneaked up on her. He attacked, and yet it was the beast he woke up that pinned him down. He played it well. Really well. And yet, in his eyes - she could see longing. Yes. She drew blood. Soon, she'd go in for the kill.

"You're pretty good. Who knows, if you hold up, you might even get the whole package."

She winked. She told him she'd fuck someone's day up. That was a lie, more or less. But she was going to fuck someone at least. She giggled. She thought it was funny. The situation.

And then she stretched out her tongue and ran away.

[Fiyori Senay, continued in Spotted Peckers: Black Ocean]
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