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Aiden barely managed to contain a giggle as she went in to get another taste of his neck. Maybe Fi wasn't the best nickname for her after all, Nibbles sure seemed appropriate now. Not very frickin' flattering, but kinda cute. Though then again, cute didn't really fit this chick. Yeah, Nibbles wasn't that great after all. Jaws, maybe? He instinctively pictured the girl as a great white shark with blue shades chilling on a bench and a snicker escaped him. Oh boy, good times.

Ah, seemed like she'd had her fill, jumped right off him. Something graceful about the way she did that, he wondered if she did some kinda athletics stuff in her free time. Either that, or he was just being a dumbass. Maybe both. Man, did she know how to rock that pouty look, though. Now who was the one with the beak here, huh? Broad was even trying to give his own nick a run for its money. Not that he minded.

"Ever heard of defensive mechanisms, Fi?" He crossed both his arms and his legs, giving her his smuggest look in response. "That taste is to keep anaconda's like you from eating me all up, you follow me? Got a right survival artist here, true as truth." He ended with a short wink and another snicker, before abruptly bouncing to his feet. Show had to go on.

Aiden scratched the spot where his gluttonous acquaintance had sunk her teeth into. He wondered if that'd leave a scar, or some sorta hickey at least. Prolly not. Woulda been hella amazeballs though.
Either way, he was really enjoying himself, still. And he really, really didn't want the fun to end yet. This gal was fucking amazing to be around, like a rollercoaster-ride without a seat belt. Prolly less lethal, but hey, who knew what that lass was capable of, right?

Whatever she was up to now, he really wanted to be part of it. She could have prompted him to wrestle her, right there and then, fight to the death, no-holds-barred, there-can-only-be-one sorta shit. Could have told him to chase her all the way around town, other way around even, maybe a race - he sure was up for it. Rent a rocket, milk a moose, punch a pecker - okay, maybe not that one - but shit, he was fucking pumped , ready for action! His face must have shown that, he was prolly gawking like some five year old on Christmas crack or something, big eyes and all. Long story short: He was up for anything.

Still kneading his neck, he cocked his head once more and gave Fi a look that clearly said: "What now?"
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