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He heated up but he played it cool. He tensed up - the muscles of his arm - but he played it easy.

Adorable! He was such a short guy, such a lanky guy (these arms nonwithstanding) and there he was. Being preyed on by Fiyori, and yet his confidence - well earned she would say - made him endure. Made him unflinching, blasé about it. Treating it like he was a show and Fiyori the audience. So fucking adorable. Fiyori had been calm. Relatively calm since she bounced on him. Yet all of a sudden that hot flash came over her, and for a moment she was ready to just take a lunge and devour the guy.

Figuratively. Still figuratively.

However. There were some other things, of course. Some stuff she'd keep an eye on. For now, at least.

"Thrilled, heh?"

Fiyori chuckled. She nibbled on his neck once more, and then with a swift jump backwards, she removed herself from Aiden.

There were people around. People who were watching with scornful eyes. Which they usually did but now they were even more offended. Funny, Fiyori thought and swiped a tear of sweat away from her forehead. She smirked for a moment more, let Aiden recover some air or something. Then, she put on the best of her pouty faces.

"Still, you taste pretty horrible."
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