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Keeping it together, keeping up that stare like some ice cold killer. That's right, this gal had met her match, baby, unstoppable force meets an immovable object. That sorta shit.

Whoo, yes. Tightening her grip now, was she? Thought she had him on a leash, had dominion over him, made him her bitch. Sure, he'd let her think that, as long as it kept her engine running on full power, maximum power! Fuck, this was just too much fun to be true.

And then she leaned over. Aiden could feel her hand letting go of the sensitive spot on his neck, only to be replaced by -

Holy shimmering shit. She was doing it, she was actually, legitimately, one hundred percent all the way doing it. His body tensed up ever so slightly as she sunk her teeth into his skin. All pleasure, no pain. Shit no he wasn't uncomfortable, this was the greatest shit ever! He had really hit the nail on the head with that animal comparison earlier. This lass was one wild beast, to be sure!

Again, he refrained from showing any notable reaction. He tensed up, of course, no way he couldn't. Staying all stoic in a situation like that, that was some statue level of cold, even the Beaks couldn't contest that. He had to show her he liked it though, smack that Aiden seal of approval straight onto her face. And he did, by uttering a sound that was somewhere between a growl and a purr, literally anywhere in between. Send vibrations through his neck, of course, she was totally feeling that. This whole thing was pure quality.

To think that he only went through Liberty because of that ice cream parlor nearby - he'd make sure to pay the old geezer running the place double next time he got there, true as truth.

After seconds, that felt like two and a half fucking eternities, Fi let go of him. Shame, really, he could have taken that all day. To show that, the everlasting grin vanished from his features for a split second, replaced with a disappointed sulk, only to be replaced with that same smirk immediately after.

She was totally into it as well, abso-fucking-lutely was. She had that Aiden dose of fun, no doubt about it. Vitamin Beaks never failed to do wonders. Seemed like she couldn't get enough of him. Was she going for a feel? Yup, sure was, grasping his arms like he was some sorta plushie or something. He'd show her cuddling, alright. Complimenting his arms, was she? Heh, she didn't know half of it yet.

With a little effort, he made his biceps tense up once more, almost as if struggling against her grasp. Couldn't disappoint the audience, after all. She'd get her money's worth, the full experience, parents best keep out the kids.

"Oh, this?" He looked himself down, almost sounding disinterested. "Yeah, it's pretty nice. I mean, you didn't think you were the only predator here, did ya? Fencing's the name of the game, hon. In for the kill, in for the thrill. Well, for the fun too, but mostly the thrill. I'm always after a good thrill."

His smile faded for a second as he looked his opposite up and down, eyeing up every inch of her, all with an estimating look on his face. Then the smile returned once more, even wider than before, eyes brimming with excitement.

"Consider me thrilled."
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