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He was good, very good. Aiden didn't flinch. He kept the eye contact. They stared into each others eyes - two hunters. Two tough people who knew what they wanted. Two predators tensing up, ready to consume one another. It was really fun. So exhilarating. So surprising, true, but without doubt the best surprise Fiyori had that week.

She knew Aiden, of course. They went to the same school and Cochise wasn't big. She could see his ear, and remembered. Got in trouble with Bradley, they say. Got a chunk of his ear bitten off, they say. Got her sympathy pretty much immediately. Punching Bradley, yeah, that was something she could get behind. Strange kink. But it was like it was.

He shifted his head to the side. As good as he could, with Fiyori's grasp on him. She chuckled. He dared her, and she tightened her grip on him. Aiden was excited. She could feel a faint thumbing of the heart. It was beating fast. Nice, very nice.

Fiyori's head leaned forward even more. She opened her jaw, and as her hand let go of Aiden's neck, she sunk her teeth into it. Just a bit of pressure, just a bit of pain - then she after two and a half seconds, she let go, her lips briefly remaining on his reddening skin.

Her hand, in the meanwhile, slid down - down to the left and down his arms. She grasped firmly. Another surprise. Another pleasant surprise.

"Heh, nice arms."
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