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Scarlett was relieved that Alvaro was okay with being her friend. He seemed like a sweet person, maybe a bit quiet. Shy? She wasn't that sure but she had a big smile on her face because he was alright with being one of her friends. A new friend was always nice to have. Then he asked if she wanted to talk about something with him. Okay, she needed to think of something to talk about to him. Think, think, think. Oh, someone told her that he like chess so she decided to talk about that. Try to start on a good note.

"So I heard from a friend that you like to play chess. Are you really good at it?" Scarlett asked curiously while she was picking up some tomatoes to buy and she glanced over at Alvaro, waiting to see if he would be happy to talk about it. She hoped he would be confident to talk to her.
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