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Time to set the floor on fire, bring the heat, roast 'em all up - whatever the hell was gonna guarantee the most fun. Quick piss in the bathroom, not the best way to start Sadies, that was for sure. But it was done now, all dealt with, nothing and no one would stop him from walking right into that hall now. Hell, they could try! Make things interesting for him, nothing like a good challenge. But who was he kidding, things running smoothly for once didn't sound too bad either, especially since he was here with Kizi. Not ending the evening with a complete trainwreck, he owed her that much. She was a good lass, that one. Wouldn't want to upset her, no way José.

He could already hear the muffled sounds of the bass penetrating the walls and filling the hallway. Door was just across, few steps and he was in and ready to go. He was beyond eager, blood pumpin', legs ready to swing all over the place and of course, he had the good ol Aiden-grin on. Most important part of anything, ever. He felt naked without it,

Finally, he was within arm length of the door that led to the action. Good tune that was playing currently, he was already getting into the rythm. Too bad it would already be over before he even got the chance to dance, but fuck it, not like that was gonna ruin it all. Aiden looked down his own torso once more, making sure everything was in order, more or less. Bright blue blazer, white shirt, reddish pants...ha, that would probably piss some people off, some off that posh, crusty fashion-nazi twits. Nicer dicer.

Cocking his head and making his neck crack a little, he finally pushed open the doors. Yeah, this was gonna be fun, no dizzedi-doubt about it. The place already looked way more interesting than that bore and snorefest last year. People were actually having some frickin fun this time, so they did. About time he joined in.

Didn't take him too long to spot his belle of a dance partner. There she was, not too far from the entrance slash exit, talking to some peeps. Oh boy, that peacock in the tux, that was the council president or something, wasn't he? Kizi rollin with royalty, eh? Eh, why not. As long as he wasn't one of those bigheaded types, who took themselves too seriously, all was fine. He'd see soon enough.

And that other chick? Not sure he remembered her name, he had definitely seen her before, maybe talked to her once, no idea why, when and if. That was some sweet muscle on her though, that gal looked like she was straight outa some cheap ass Rocky-clone kinda flick. Definitely didn't want to piss her off. Remembering her name probably helped. Was it Candice? Nah, that was some other chick, the fat one. Candy, Christine, Cherry, Carla, Camille, Carmen? C-something, that much was for sure. Whatevs. Time to catch up on that later.

He scratched the back of his neck for a second, then started walking over. Tux dude and tall lady went for some sweets, fine with him, as long as they left something for him to sink his teeth into. Kizi was looking good, not she was ever looking bad, but it only occured to him now. Still, he would never think of her as anything else than a friend, Sadies date or not. Fun to hang with, fun to talk to, all he needed. Romance or bullshit like that just wasn't for him. Maybe one day, when he was working as fuck-if-he-knew-what, then he would start thinking about that sorta thing. Maybe.

Just as he finished the thought, he finally closed in on Kizi, close enough to jump on her back and make her wear him like a backpack. Wasn't gonna happen, though the idea was tempting. Instead, he took another step forward and then lightly tapped his date on the shoulder. "I spy, with my little eye - a frickin cutie. Ah, was looking at that gal over there, sorry. You're not looking bad either, though." He snickered, then removed his hand from her back. "So what is up, K to the Izi?"
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