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“I'm fine,” Danny said into his hands.

He was not fine. But he had to say he was fine. He had to be cool. What was he supposed to say? The fake dick was making him uncomfortable? He wasn't a baby.

And Emma was, like, super smart and pretty and all that. So he didn't want her to know he couldn't handle all these dildos. ...Wow, that came out wrong.

He managed to lower his hands and try to look calm again. At least being black made it harder for people to tell when he was blushing. But then Jeremy just had to say that, and give him the visual of Emma using that banana dildo.

Stupid overactive imagination.

Danny covered his face again. Jesus. Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ on a unicycle.

Why did this all have to be so… not funny?

“Can we...” he started timidly, voice muffled by his hands again. “Can we just… put the banana cover back on? And… maybe just… do the work without… yeah?”
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