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This just kept getting better. Maybe it was his irresistible Peter Pan charme, maybe his dashing good looks - who could resist that beak, right? Or maybe just some good old fashioned luck o' the Irish. Either way, this order of events was just - well, awesome, to put it simply. Really no other way to describe it. Hot. Yeah, that worked. Both for the situation as a whole and that mad broad on there on his most sacred parts. And it seemed like it was only going to get better, fuck yeah it did.

Raising her hand now. Was she going for a slap? She into that sorta stuff? He sure wasn't never had been. Though now was a moment as good as any to start. Yeah, he'd be able to enjoy it, why not? Bring it on, lass. Unleash that untamed energy of yours, unchain your inner fury! See if he even flinched -

Ah, she wasn't going to do that. Aiden almost felt disappointed now. Had hyped himself up for nothing. Hype kills everything it touches, confirmed. Lesson learned,

But this - well, this certainly wasn't less preferable. First the balls, now the neck. Sounded like a healthy schedule, one he more than happily could get behind. Oooh, now there was an idea... Was she squeezing him? He really couldn't tell, her hand did feel heavy, that wasn't no light touch, no Sir! Liked to play rough, so she did. Well, he was all too happy to play along, then. Kinda fun to be the passive one for a change. Had been the other way around with every other chick so far. This change of pace sure earned itself that Beaks seal of approval.

He didn't break eye contact, not one second. Would have been a shame really, those eyes of hers were too wild and hypnotizing to break away from, even behind those sci-fi shades. She wanted him to show weakness, yeah? Wasn't gonna happen, sorry to disappoint, sugar. She was messing with the wrong pecker here. And not only the British way.

Aiden didn't move much, only cocked his head to the side, slowly, tenderly, almost in slow motion. "Want a bite? Go ahead, Fi. Try and see if that puny fangs of yours can penetrate this one."

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