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She laughed and she shook her head so that her hair swept lightly on Aiden's face. To the left, to the right, and to the left again.

Would she dare it, now? Well, would she? Dare to just lunge forward and take a bite? Figuratively. Obviously figuratively. Cannibalism was not for polite society, and neither was it something she wanted to try anyway. Either way, Fiyori had a hunch. Just a little hunch that if she really tried, Aiden would be the last to complain. How exciting, and how very surprising.

Fiyori lowered her head a bit. Just to meet Aiden on an eye-to-eye level. She smirked a bit more, and licked her lips.

"I have a feeling you..." she said, and slowly raised her hand.

"...won't mind if I bite."

She chuckled some more, and her right hand grasped around his neck. Carefully. But firmly.
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