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Huh, that Fi sure knew how to properly let her fingers crack. Nice. He didn't know too many gals that did that - especially not publicly. This one sure was something else. Just like he thought, real bonfire of a lass. What was she gonna do now, though? Was she trying to kick him or-

Whoa. That was unexpected. Placing that foot where no gal's foot had gone before. Well, no foot, at least. Pleasant or not, he jumped a little as of the unexpected contact. This was going placing he didn't think it would go. You go all in and humor some girl and next thing you know she's got you by the balls - literally.

Was he nervous? Heck no, no need to be. She was untamed, just like he had thought. Right on the money again, he should become some sort of profiler or something. Secret Agent Slattery, now that was something he could get used to hear. Be it because of that thought or just the overall circumstances, his grin only widened, though the sides of his mouth did twitch for a second.

Damn, now with the hair as well? And she - yup, she was leaning forward now, Jesus Friggity Christ. From zero to....well, not exactly hero, but something extreme, that much was sure.

Aiden shivered slightly as he felt her hair brush against his bare skin. Smooth, no doubt. Real mane too, like some lioness or something! Nah wait, female lions didn't have hair. Not that kind, at least. Maybe a tigress, then... Oh, what the hell was he even doing, there was a crazy chick between his legs - more or less - and he was thinking 'bout some goddamn animals! He'd leave that to the furries.

He could feel his heart beating faster, his blood starting to boil. Still, he kept his eyes fixated on hers, smirk on his face like it was carved into it. Yup, yup, she was a bomb alright. Not what he was usually into, but dang if he didn't feel attracted to her some way or another now. He didn't waste another thought about what other pedestrians must have thought when seeing them like this - let those fuckers think what they wanted!

Still, he had to play it cool now. Don't get too excited, neither way. Not too demanding either, would make him look like a creep. Nah, just staying all relaxed was the way to go here, clear as clear clay.
Staying exactly like he was, not moving any other muscles, he let out a chuckle, amusement and approval mixed in. "You try and ruin my day, darling, I dare you! "
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