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Aiden cracked his fingers, which amused Fiyori. So she mirrored him. She raised her hand into a fist and pressed against her forehead. Crack... Crack... and there another crack. Just a little, alas. She liked cracking her fingers. She liked doing it during exams, after hours of writing with a pen. Best way to limber up. Best way to send a collective groan through the class.

He began to take a few steps backwards. She looked on with curiosity and quickly got it. Fiyori readied herself, just in case she had to evade some failed attempt at le parkour but Aiden managed fine.

Then he called her Fi again. Obviously. She practically dared him to do so, no? Well, alright! That was fine. Maybe great, even. Fiyori chuckled on, removed her hair pins with swift hands and placed her right foot on the bank.

On the bank, directly between Aiden's legs. She smirked, and she leaned forward. He was still smaller than her. Of course he was still smaller, what a dumb observation. But now he was even lower, thanks to being seated. Fiyori could use that, so she leaned forward and let all of her silky black hair fall on Aiden.

"You disturbed my plotting, who's to say it's not you whom I'll bite?"

No, it was good he did so. Her thoughts went places when she was alone, and when they went places, Fiyori could use a good... way to call them back.
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