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Atta girl, let it all out. Whoo baby, she was having fun already. He really was like a drug, always nice to have that confirmed by all sorts of peeps. Mission accomplished? Hell no, he had only just gotten here, he'd stick around. Besides, that lass wasn't too bad to look at either. Not that he was all too interested in that right now, but it sure was a bonus.

Aiden lifted his upper body off the bench and stretched himself, purposely making some cracking noises with his bones. Made his spine shiver, best feeling in the world!
"That's as good a goal as any, I say. As long as that person ain't me, I have no objiggedi-jections. Go fuck 'em up, sister."

Yup, he liked this girl. Stylish glasses as well. Nothing he'd be proud to be seen with, though who knew? He wore anything he was comfortable in anyway, so why not that too? Something to note on his never ending list of stuff remember. Half of which he'd forget. Eh, more than half.

He took a few steps back, then took a run-up and swung himself over the bench with one arm, landing almost directly in front of Fi's feet. He could have easily crashed right into her, but even if it had happened, he wouldn't have minded too much. Well, she would have minded, maybe, but that was beside the point.

He still wore his everlasting smirk, amusement written all over his face. Had to keep this lass entertained, after all. "So, assuming you're not in a rush to ruin the fuck out of someone's life - anything you wanna do before then? Anything that involves good ol Aiden - that's me - perhaps?"

Striking another pose, he folded both his hands directly in front of his face, his eyes peeking out through a tunnel they created. Beneath that construct was his still grinning mouth, of course.
"Well, Fi ?"
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