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"No, you cannot. You're free to try though."

As with many things in life, there were people who could use that name and there were people who could not, and Aiden belonged to the latter category. It was childish, she guessed. Just let them call her whatever they wanted. Especially something as harmless as Fi. Yet for some reason it felt inappropriate. Inappropriate enough to warrant a 'no'.

He WAS free to try, however. Who knew. Maybe she would warm up to that. Maybe she'd try and launch him into the stratosphere.

Aiden was amusing himself, that was for sure. He had fun, and that was contagious. Or something like that. Because Fiyori startled smirking, too. Giggling. Chuckling. Laughing. Laughing because there was this guy in front of her. This guy who sneaked up on her. This guy who was so goddamn audacious.

He reminded Fiyori of herself. Just a little bit. He was shorter than her, though. Much shorter, but just as lanky. Thinking of it, she would have loved to just wrap herself around him and devour the guy.

"Well, not much! Aside from planning to fuck someone's day up."
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