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Jumpy little critter, that one. He liked the snarling though, all wild animal like, untamed, uncontained. Maybe not such a bore after all.

Aiden winked at her, playfully brushing a strand of hair out of his face. Did she seem angry there for a second? Nah, probably not. No reason for her to be upset about anything, it was just a little fun, after all. Just her revving up her own engine, that was probably it.

He remained where he was, leaned forward and placed both his elbows on the upper backrest of the bench, then cupped his cheeks. He even fluttered his eyelashes, cherry on top. Striking a dainty pose, all Peter Pan like. Maybe more like Tinker Bell, but that was splitting hairs. Both fairies right? He had never seen the movie, but not like it mattered.

"Well, you're up. Up and off the bench." He snickered, no, giggled, more like. He was already enjoying himself way too much. Just a matter of time before Fi felt the same way.

"Saw you sittin' over here all lonely, doin' absolutely zero. Can't let a person stay that way when ya can keep them company just the same, you with me? " She prolly felt the same way. Had a fire in her, he could feel it. Just needed someone to ignite her. Calatyst, or whatever that shit in chemistry class was called.

"So anyway, what are ya up to, Fi? I can call ya that, right?"
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