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She wanted to have fun. She wanted to be with her friends. Enjoy the last days of her youth, and the last days of everything. Yet there she was, sitting alone. All alone, and only occupied by-

Suddenly! A weight on her shoulders!

Fiyori jolted. She jumped forward, releasing herself. She turned around, and with a snarl she picked up her phone. She took a hearty swing and...

realized that maybe that was a dumb idea. Yeah, it was a dumb idea. Really, fucking stupid. Neither her phone, nor Aiden's face would appreciate it. So she growled, thought for a moment and stored her phone away.

Fiyori mustered Aiden for a moment and she realized that he managed to sneak up on her. Great. Fucking great. She was so engrossed in some dumb introspection she didn't notice him, and oh well! There she got a taste of her own medicine. Guess she deserved it?

Did he call her Fi though? Seriously?

She stared at him. She scratched her back, she scratched her neck and then she finally managed to relax a bit.

"...what's up?"
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