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((Aiden Slattery, pregame start))

Fan-frickin-tastic. Neato burrito, Fucking A, Awesomeburgers! He could have gone on summing up his feelings for the current weather, but that would have been a waste of time, even for him. Sun did a mighty fine job that day, full stop. Perfect time to take a hike, get some tan going. Or just stroll around, like he did now.

Aiden had originally planned to go for a trip with his bike, like he always did. Not rain nor ice or even a blizzard, nothing and no one, not even Grand Motherfucker Zeus himself could stop him when he decided to get that fine lady - his bike - out of the stable. Well, nothing except a wee little, teeny weenie minor accident. Happened the other day, no damage on him, which was kinda surprising, really and made him giggle to this day. Would have been even more hilarious if not for the fact that his frickin bike looked like it had been wrecked by a train after. Bit of exaggeration there, but hell, that was what he did feel like when first seeing it!

Long story short, it had to be repaired. He had outright refused to buy a new one, fucking refused. Couldn't blame his dad though, no way the old man could understand the true bond between a man and his most loyal steed. Sharon though, she did understand. Knew nothing about that kinda thing herself, but she knew what Aiden needed, always. Good ol' sis.

Aiden smiled to himself as he kept wandering aimlessly. He had planned to go to Sumac first, but Liberty was closer to that ice cream parlor he loved....and so he had decided in favor of the latter. So he had thrown on the first shirt and pants he could get his fingers on - horribly mismatching colors, but who cared, right? - and left the house. He did love himself some of the green, nice change from all the boringness around town, which could make a man fall asleep while walking, true as truth.

Still, Aiden wasn't too impressed with Sumac Park as a whole, never had been. Green was fine and all, but not when it was all over the place, "in-your-face" kinda like. Was probably just him feeling that way, but a man was entitled to his opinion, after all. Not like they were in North Korea or stuff. Blink at the wrong person the wrong way in the wrong place - BLAM! End of the line, sucker.

Talking about wrong person and wrong place, who did we have here? Aiden stopped dead in his tracks, wiped a bit of sweat off his brow and observed the girl ahead.

Yup, familiar, he'd bet his left nut. Talked to that chick before, couldn't remember where or when, but she was no stranger. Fi-something. Fiona? Eh, he'd just go with Fi, better than calling her "Darkie" or something, like his uncle would have. She didn't seem to have noticed him yet. Just sitting there on some bench, doing - what exactly? Staring at her palm like it was some sorta textbook. Fortune teller shit maybe? Those creeps knew how to read a hand, or so they said. Whatever she did, she didn't seem like she was much into it. Bored? Yeah, she was prolly just bored.

Aiden's smile widened and he absent-mindedly licked over his teeth. He knew what to do. Best cure against boredom known to man? A little shot of fun, of course. And he, oh, he was gonna inject that right into her venes, shoot her to the moon! Moody or not, there was no sourpussy around that he wouldn't manage to cheer the fuck up. And just like that, the plan was settled.

He kept on walking, a little off path. No need to approach her head-on. He was about to show her the danger of sitting on a bench. Never know when someone sneaks up on ya.

Aiden treaded carefully, didn't want to make too much noise. Would ruin the surprise. Finally, he managed to get right behind the girl, all sneaky beaky like. Or sneaky "Beaksy" like, in his case. That one wasn't half bad, needed to memorize it.
Grinning like a Cheshire Cat, Aiden extended his hand, only wanting to tap her back at first. Took him all but one second to decide "fuck it", before swiftly bringing down both his hands on her shoulders. "Wakie, wakie, Fi! Sun's up!"
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