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If there was one thing Astrid could say about Mel most of the time, it was that she had enough energy for at least 3 people. Whenever the two bumped into one another, Astrid was dead certain the other girl had a tanker of Monster wired directly to her veins, replacing her blood with pure sugar and caffeine. It was grating at best in those situations, but it was damn useful on the field, having someone who could run forever. Not that Astrid would ever admit that out loud.

Of course, the only time that Mel’s energy seemed to be depleted was when she was actually supposed to be learning and participating in class. Either that, or she’d divert all of that energy into steadfastly doing anything but classwork, which was exactly what was going on now. Sure, it was lunchbreak right around now, but they were still in a goddamn library. If you weren’t gonna read, or study, or do something that wasn’t ‘sitting on the fucking table,’ then you should just go to the freaking cafeteria.

That was what Astrid wanted to say to Mel, but she just had to ruin it all by actually deciding to be personable and reasonable, not to mention being the bigger person by letting Maxim take the chair. Going off at Mel, no matter how deserved Astrid felt it was, would just make her look like a raging bitch in this scenario. Instead, she closed her eyes, sighed, rubbed her forehead, and looked back up at Mel.

“Thanks.” Astrid said, still unable to keep the begrudging tone out of her voice. “I guess you’re right. I’d just prefer to be doing something outside on a day like this. Plus, the more people who get to see this, the better.”

Astrid gave a short laugh, and smirked at that thought. It wasn’t entirely true, not really. Sure, it was cool when people like Mel saw the tattoo on her wrist and complimented it, but there were just as many people who decided they would lecture her on how unprofessional it was, and reminding her that tattoos were permanent, and what would she think when she was 80? All that did was give Astrid another person whose opinions were irrelevant to her and who she was more important than.

“Different guy this time.” Astrid shook her head as she said this. “There are some artists who are good at doing a lot of different designs, but the guy who did this one- “

Astrid raised her hand to indicate her wrist tattoo.

“-he specialises in line art and the like, things like Celtic knots and tribal tattoos. This new one, the guy specialises in animals, as well as a few other stuff. I’m probably gonna get a few more done in the future. People can say it’s ‘unprofessional’ as much as they like, but fuck that; if I’m gonna be working in the medical industry, I’m gonna be covered up anyway. People just wanna complain for the sake of complaining.”

Astrid paused for a second, realising she was interacting with Mel a lot more than she had ever planned to do.

“Plus, my sister likes them, so there’s that too.”


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