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Jonathan was happy to be talking to Michael. He felt like things were going to be okay between them and he didn't feel like he was going to get upset. Jonathan had a feeling that he shouldn't have took Michael's rejection back then too hard. Ugh. He felt like a complete idiot. He hadn't really been paying attention to the other people there. Until Darius started to sing. Why was he singing? Jonathan didn't know why and he pull an unimpressed face. He would have laughing because Darius didn't sound that great. But he could see that everyone else did not appreciate Darius' 'singing talent'. He didn't even have a chance to continue his conversation with Michael as he was now distracted by Darius.

"Why is he doing that? He's just embarrassing himself." Jonathan whispered to Michael and he grinned slightly. "What a great way to start a party, huh?"

He was being sarcastic. But it was alright. Darius couldn't hear him anyway. He watched as Darius was making things more uncomfortable for Raina. Jonathan felt sorry for Raina for being the target of Darius' singing. Then Darius was hugging her. Wait a minute. Why was Darius doing that? It didn't matter that much. As Raina was trying to get away from him and she said some things before throwing a can at him.

Jonathan winced as the scene had happened in front of him and he lowered his skewer from the fire. He got up to his feet slowly and he made his way over to where they both were. "Let's all calm down for a second. Darius, I think you should leave Raina alone. Okay?" Jonathan was speaking as calmly as he could and he put his free hand on Darius' shoulder. "I'm sorry for Darius' behaviour, Raina. He shouldn't have done that."

Jonathan give Raina an apologetic smile. He hoped that he hadn't made things worse. And he turned his head slightly to look at Michael to help with this situation.
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