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Did that even warrant a response? No sir. Ben turned anyways, just in time to catch a couple of middle fingers pointed his way. Oof. If Ben cared at all he'd be hurting something fierce right now. What an immature dork.

"Try not to tell him that to his face, dude." Ben's final retort floated after Darius as he split, vanished into the aisles. Wise idea to call that out? Probably not. Reverse psychology and all that. But if there was gonna be any fallout from the nonsense of the last few minutes Ben would deal with it when it was time. He doubted there was much to Darius, just empty dreams and emptier head. It would all work out, and if it didn't, Ben had two fists. Currently not clenched, sifting through the shelves for something he could probably remember if he put his mind to it. Time to get back to business, Fields.

Honestly, though. The image of a little kid like Alvaro getting rustled around in a breeze like a tumbleweed was pretty damn funny. Not worth a smile or whatever, but it also wasn't worth guilt.

((Ben Fields continued in Romeo and Juliet))
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