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To be fair, town's only hope by that point anyways was for scum to be taken out and controlled in a very specific order. You and Bik would've both had to survive, which means lynching actual mafia, then blocking the mafia kill (or having me absorb it with bulletproofness), then lynching me and blocking the mafia member, then lynching them. I'm pretty sure any variation from that pattern was instant town loss, given I'd've doused you or Bik in almost any circumstance and then lit the second it was advantageous.

That said, a couple things I noticed in this game:

1. Leading with a vote at LyLo is a super risky idea because of precisely what happened--a faction can dogpile it and instantly end discussion and win the game.

2. There's a very fine line to walk to avoid alienating people, and it's one I think I land on the wrong side of a lot (in part due to my reputation for being tricky). Basically, if you toss suspicion people's ways, more often than not they gun for you in return, but that can easily lead to an endgame scenario where people won't trust you despite you being right because you've not been on their side previously. Each day is an evolution of the last, but also in some ways a reset, but if folks don't treat it like that you can easily end up in huge trouble.

3. Newbiness is in fact not a defense and my radar for folks doing sketch stuff under its guise is in working order; it's just the being too reasonable I should work on. :p (Well, to elaborate more, I honestly backed off in part because I was really didn't wanna get cop scanned; everything was gonna go very bad places if that happened.)
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