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Emprexx Plush
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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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Role PMs:

Yugi, Tracker

DMBoogie, Doctor

MurderWeasel, Arsonist

RC, Traitor/Psychopathic Lover

Prim, Cop

Flare, Townie/Replacement Cop

Grim Wolf, Godfather

Bikriki, Roleblocker

Frogue, Miller

d4nnyrulx, Mafia Rolecop

Vyse, Innocent Child

Naft, Gunsmith

Dead Chat.
Maf Chat.

Night actions and game design thoughts to come later.
SotF Characters

the highest honor i'll ever achieve

Plush Wants To Read Your Dead Things and your Living Things! As of 8/14/2017, the Living Queue is Closed, and the Dead Queue is Open!
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