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Also, as per my rule of not losing sleep over this game, this is my last post/check until tomorrow. Flare, on the 5% chance you're legit town I ask you to drop your vote long enough for us to discuss at least. I'd hate for scum to win off town knee-jerking due to poor math. Grim, you're either scum or survivor so I'm not gonna hold my breath, but if you wanna hand town the win, same deal. You know I claim stupid stuff with gambits all the time. I've claimed SK and swung it. I'd seriously drop all pretense and blackmail you for an insta-win if it'd work for me--I view the odds as greater than getting you to change your mind through logical appeals. Unfortunately, I'm not in that spot. If you are third-party scum, you've been sufficiently outed that you're toast this night phase anyways, and all you get to do is take a shot at deciding whether town or mafia wins. You can do the same during the day, and I'd respectfully request you consider throwing your lot in with town, if for no other reason than that I'm saying please. :)

Also EBWOP it's me who needs to read more carefully; I thought Grim said Bik was not confirmed town and Danny was. Grim, you do realize it's impossible that Bik, Danny, Flare, and you are all town/benign third party, yes? Especially given that RC was dead if I died, letting town potentially win day one off a fluke vote?
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