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As to desperate and hoping something sticks:

Nonsense. If I were, you know what I'd do?

I'd claim scum. Right now. If it really were a situation with me and one other scum member against you and two townies, I'd say this: "Grim, buddy, pal, you're going to vote one of these townies with me, the mafia dude, or else my buddy's gonna shoot you tonight and we lose together. I'm totally petty enough to make sure we both lose if one of us does, and I respect your play thus far enough to offer you a seat at the winner's table otherwise. You flat out said at LyLo you pick the side most likely to end the game quickest."

Now, if you're actually the survivor there's a decent chance that scum's going to turn around and do exactly what I just said, in which case a. I told you so and b. I humbly request you throw your kingmaker vote to town's side to punish scum for stealing my brilliant strategy. But right now, if we're somehow not multiball (which we are), scum/third party unambiguously outnumber town and have zero reason to bother with secrecy unless they think someone isn't gonna play ball.
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