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Grim Wolf
Apr 13 2016, 12:36 AM
The only person not part of your suspicions is Bikriki. So, to summarize: of 5 alive people, you are pointing the finger at everyone except the one confirmed Townie we have, which includes the guy scum gambitted against, the guy one of your strongest townreads townread, and the guy you've been hunting all game, including backing a train on him when another was forming on RC.
Read again. Closely.

Bik is confirmed town. Why? Because he's the only reason RC died. For Bik to be scum, he claimed something stupid to sell out his own partner for no reason. He could've made the exact same claim and said he'd blocked Yugi and been in better shape as scum. He did not. Even Flare thinks Bik's defense is unbeatable. Everyone in the game agrees, except you... who supposedly have no stock in the decision.

Why the rush to a lynch as survivor? Why cut off discussion?
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