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I am the other lover. I was told RC was town. If you look at his claim, you'll note he was to die if I did, but the reverse was not true.

This is why I stood by him all game. The reason I didn't out him when he claimed incorrect flavor is that he claimed my flavor. I had no idea what he was doing, but since I knew where he'd gotten the flavor from, I went with it.

I think it's pretty clear on a game design level why I can't be scum given that. It'd let town take out 2/3 of the scum team just by lynching me. In fact, I'm pretty sure my role was a balancing factor edging the game in town's favor, likely to account for whatever killed everyone yesterday.

I probably should have figured RC was scum sooner given the frankly bizarre nature of my role--a lover pair where only one side dies is weird, but I guess it should have tipped me off that for me to win, RC had to die.

But yeah, my role PM confirmed RC as town. That's why I trusted him.
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