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Well, if I wasn't sure before, Murder, I sure as shit am now. I know your scum game when I see it. You've been on my list since Day Two, and nothing you've done has taken you off. You may be asking why, so let's review.

So you say early on that you approve of Town-Frogue and find him extremely dangerous.

There's a reason I killed you night two like three games running.

Which, all well and good: we're a pretty meta-heavy community here, that's fine. And you're savvy enough to know that might land you on hot water, which is why I find it so very interesting that you still point the way to a mistrustful vig day two.

While Frogue was likely killed by scum, there's also the chance it was a town-aligned shot by, say, a distrustful vig. If it was scum, which I think more probable, they knew Frogue wasn't faking. Town was generally going along with Frogue's claim, which lessened the distraction factor, and Frogue represented an opportunity for a cop to sanity check; if the cop did not do so last night, they now no longer can.

Now, I do like that he points towards all the reason scum could be a part of the kill, but it opens with him pointing towards vig which is ahrd to ignore. Now, admittedly, that's not very damming in itself, but then there's your response to danny pressuring you for this info, which really does read as extremely defensive.. I didn't notice at the time, since I got kind of embroiled in the debate of the day.

So Day 3 opens up with RC's gambit against me, which you don't explicitly back (at no point does your vote fall on me) but which you are pretty clear you're gonna go with.

I'm totally down for lynching Grim but would like to toss on the typical caveat that we have a lot of time to talk and shouldn't throw the phase away. I'd like to make sure we hear from most folks and don't see a quick-hammer (accidental or otherwise) that screws town. Especially interested in hearing from Vyse and RC, as Vyse is largely confirmed town and RC is likely to end up in bad shape next phase[...]But yeah, barring something massive, my vote'll land on Grim

Now, what I don't like here is that you're soft-pushing me in a way that lets you ultimately back RC's claim if I'm in hammer range and still buys you towncred when, as you so eloquently put it, RC is going to "end up in bad shape next phase." And in fact you never drop a vote, not even when Yugi reveals how things have gone down.

And after stating that you view Vyse as confirmed town and that you're interested in hearing from him, Vyse is conveniently dead for the opening of Day 4. And your response to this is to a) be extremely defensive...

If you're legit town, you'd be super hesitant to do so, because it opens the possibility of a mafia quickhammer assuming two remaining scum.

And to assume some very bizarre mafia structures

Was a bit unsure who's scum, but now I'm 100% it's Flare/Danny allied or Flare/Grim multiball.

Which are both claims designed not to scum-hunt but instead to point the finger every way that's not him. Two mafias in a twelve-person game? Fairly ridiculous from the outset, especially given that we've consistently seen only one kill a night up until this last round. And Flare and Danny? Flare is the person you've been hunting since Day 2, first putting a vote on him in the middle of a train building towards RC, and specifically identify our suspicion of RC as a mark of how scummy we seem, while quietly pointing the finger at Danny and Yugi as well.

You constantly pointed the finger at him until RC's big gambit distracted us.

I still think Flare's super bad news. A lot of his last post strikes me as iffy. There's a lot of talking around points and trying to rescue his impression, but the talking points he's using aren't ones that naturally arise from his typical playstyle.

And Danny is really the only person Vyse confidently townread

Danny is so freaking obvious Town it hurts

The only person not part of your suspicions is Bikriki. So, to summarize: of 5 alive people, you are pointing the finger at everyone except the one confirmed Townie we have, which includes the guy scum gambitted against, the guy one of your strongest townreads townread, and the guy you've been hunting all game, including backing a train on him when another was forming on RC.

I'm usually all for giving town more time, but you're in the open now and I've played this game with you before. You're desperate and hoping something sticks.

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