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"You don't like Vocaloid? Kay, will stop. Will stop."

Dariush had no hot dog. God, hot. The hot dog of Raina was way too hot. Poor hot dog, burnt, roasted, for way too long. Just like his throat after doing a great solo of Ievan Polkka.

Ignoring Junko's question Dariush did not feel comfortable to reply to, he looked perplexed at the catastrophe. Dariush did not know why, but Raina looked very pissed. It is not as if Dariush was responsible for this, but Dariush was wary now. And Raina actually fucking hurt with her joke. Not that it was hurting him personally, but the joke was pretty bad. Raina was totally bullying him. Not joking, because nothing she said was actually funny. Haha, rofl, lol, topkek. Dariush's family caged him, lolololol. Raina, comedy god. Fuck you.

"Apologeezes Christ."

And Fiyori was worse. Threatening with violence. But even getting his larynx sodomized, it would have not been as terrible as Raina just ignoring him. It was not as painful as getting an important and valuable gem or console stolen, but it was still very degenerating. Ignoring him. Not paying attention and telling a dumb, elementary-school joke to Wayne.

"Your hot dog burnt? I...fuck, how can I tell you this? My condolences."

Dariush coughed. He needed to sing a sad song. He did not shout, but belted out the lyrics with a strong voice.


His overexaggerating hand moves were amazing. Well, Dariush was amazed by his gesture, how wonderful it looked like. He acted as if he was a very dramatic japanese rock singer, which is fitting considering that this is currently a very sad and dramatic demise of an once-edible hot dog.


Dariush had to. Dariush went to Raina and hugged her. To her ear, quietly, he sobbed the rest of the chorus "Let me forget all the hate, all of the sadness." The voice died down.
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