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Sandy sharpened his glare at the pictures again as Nadia gave her summary. So what if people could see them as happy? He needed to be 100% sure that that was what people would see, and empty maybes were not his style. Similarly, all the negative space to the right of the wallflowers was just a slap in the face that he couldn’t believe he hadn’t noticed before. In his hurry not to miss the shot he must’ve gotten the angle wrong, but that did not make him feel at all better.

“Ugh, you’re right.” He groaned, pulling the picture up off the table and giving it a disgusted look. Sure they could edit it with Photoshop, but he hated having to use computers for this sort of thing: it just felt wrong to him, like it was cheating and taking away the authenticity of the art. “Way too much empty space on the right; this is no good.”

It wasn’t unusual for Sandy to gloss over positive feedback and focus on the negatives. There were plenty of reasons for him to do so (his brain chemistry, his artistic sensibilities, just his general attitude), but that didn’t change the fact that it made it all the harder for him to actually feel satisfied with his work most of the time. When it came to him and feedback, Sandy was something of a grumpy minefield: one misplaced comment away from sulking in your face.

He carelessly tossed the photo back onto the desk, looking away from Nadia for a moment to take another bite of his knuckle. Then he pulled up another photo.

“Ok, so here’s these two at the buffet table, right?” he pointed between the girl in what would've been a pinky red dress if the photo had colour, and the guy she was with. “Casual and enjoying themselves.” which was what you’d want, people came to the dance for a casual fun time. He had to look at the photo for a few more moments before he could find its fatal flaw. “But it looks boring to me, cause that’s all they’re doing.”
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