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Well, Jasmine supposed that leftovers counted as special, even if it were totally different to what she was expecting.

She stared at the mixed assortment of meats in her lunchbox and frowned, slightly. She was kinda hoping for an actual surprise today. Not that she didn’t appreciate the mixed meats, but the way her mom worded it she was expecting something like, totally new. Not the stuff they had last night but couldn’t finish. Or really, the stuff they tried eating but couldn’t finish because Julian (of course it was him who messed up) decided to cook an inordinate amount of food that nobody in the family could eat. Really, Jasmine figured that she could at least do a better job at making food than Julian could. Even though she never learned how to cook she figured that sticking to a recipe and not fucking putting all of the meats they had into the pot. Really, it was probably as simple as that.

She opened up the plastic that wrapped around the meats and looked up and around for a second to see if anyone had come yet. Nobody had come to the table yet but- wait, hang on a moment, was somebody on the grounds waving at her? She squinted her eyes, trying to focus to see who it was. Black ponytail, surprised looking eyes… hey it was Kizi!

Kizi was a friend of Jasmine’s, and one of the people she allowed to sit with her at lunchtimes. She was nice - was a member of Amnesty, which while it was something Jasmine didn’t do herself she could totally respect those who did - and incredibly smart, getting nearly perfect grades in maths and in languages, a subject that in comparison Jasmine struggled at. Normally Jasmine tried to avoid interacting with people who had better grades than her but in Kizi’s case she had enough notable pratfalls that lowered her. Notably, her gullibility, which at times reached ridiculous levels and which Jasmine had to admit she had a little fun with sometimes. Nothing too major, and it seemed that Kizi took it in good humour, so it made her a little manageable. Allowed Jasmine to interact with someone she genuinely liked and respected without feeling threatened at all, which was great. She stood up from her seat on the park bench.

“Hey Kizi!” She shouted, sending a big wave her way.
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