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“It's fine.”

Lily grasped his hand again, and pulled him towards the dance floor. More gently than he had done. She had a look around, to see how everyone else was dancing. She'd seen someone doing a lot of weird moves over before, including that thing where it looked like they died but didn't. Other people doing energetic sorts of dances, then yet others who did the slow dancing or the casual rocking back and forth that wasn't really a dance at all

Did dancing just come instinctively? It should, right?

They were on the floor. She was still holding Alvaro's hand. She looked down at that, looked at Alvaro's face for a moment. Then immediately looked away again.

Nope. This dancing was not coming instinctively. Uh.

“So… yeah,” she said, not really knowing what she even meant. Maybe Alvaro knew how to dance, and then she could just follow along.
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