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Rorick Skyve
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This was going way better than expected. Not only was that Cristo guy rather polite about Maxim's presence, he even seemed to be genuinely comfortable with it, granted that he was interpreting that look on his face correctly, of course. He had misjudged people before; this wouldn't exactly be a premiere in that regard. Still, his gut was telling him that this here was a good egg, as people used to put it. Not sure why he loved those outdated terms all that much, but he did.

"I'm sure there are people who don't. I'm not one of them, though." Half a jest, he was getting there. That feeling of anxiety was still there, like a rat gnawing at his nerve tracts - lovely image - but weakened in intensity. Maxim's smile grew a little wider.

"I haven't tried any of those sweets yet, though. Not sure why. I guess I just didn't feel like going up to someone and asking for them? Might be laziness, might be something else. I don't suppose it matters now." Self-pitying, not really the best way to not put people off. Change of topic needed, ASAP.

Maxim reached into his jeans pocket, uncertain about what he was hoping to find. Some miraculously convenient object to keep the conversation going, maybe? Certainly nothing he could offer the other boy, except his wallet, but that was out of the question for more than obvious reasons.

There was something else there. Small in size, rectangular, kind of coarse surface. He actually had no idea what it could be nor why it was in his jeans. Unless - yeah, had to be it. That box of matches he had found lying around at the bus station the other day. He had only really pocketed it to give it to his father later, an old-fashioned chain smoker like him certainly knew how to put it to good use. Only that he hadn't seen his father much during the last few days, him being all busy with work, so that matchbox had now taken roots in his jeans instead, faded into obscurity. Useless to him right now, he didn't smoke, after all. But maybe Cristo did?

He scrutinized the other boy for a second, as if that was going to help him determine the answer. He had no idea at what age his peers usually began to indulge in that sort of pleasure, he only knew one person that was smoking, namely his dad. Only one way to find out then.

Maxim pulled the tiny object out of his pocket, fingers shaking ever so slightly and carefully placed it on the table in front of him. "Uh...do you happen to smoke?"
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