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Noah sighed and brushed his hand through his hair as Irene replied. She was fine going home with him or waiting for her mom. She did want to know what Noah wanted to do, which made him slightly glad she asked.

"I might go back inside," Noah said. "I do want to see some folks and maybe dance a bit more. I probably won't stay for the whole night, though. I'll just get it out of my system and then head home."

Noah handed Irene her phone back, then turned and walked back to the door. He was about to open it, when he turned back and looked at Irene.

"Let me know when you leave," Noah said. "Oh, and sorry about tonight. If it helps, I did enjoy the first part of it."

Noah gave a weak smile and walked back inside. Now Pharrell's "Happy" was playing. Noah muttered a curse towards Pharrell for making things painfully ironic, but decided to go with it.

He made his way out to the dance floor and merged with the crowd. Tonight was a bust, and even though he had wrecked his chances of staying slightly amicable with Irene, he wanted to at least have something good happen. He could at least dance his pants off for an hour or so before retiring.

With that, Noah did a jump split on the dance floor, and let himself get lost in the chorus of the song.

((Noah Whitley continued elsewhere))
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