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Hey, mafia fans! We've recently received an invitation as a site to send a representative to a cross-site mafia tournament. After some discussion, staff has decided that this sounds like a cool opportunity to offer our members. The initial invitation follows:
Invitation to The Mafia Championship Season 3

Hello fellow Mafia enthusiasts! :)

My name is Thingyman. I am making this post with the hopes that your community would be interested in participating in Season 3 of the Mafia Championship.

The Mafia Championship is an annual online tournament series that pits representatives from various forum Mafia communities against one another as they compete to determine the Internet’s greatest forum Mafia player. The representatives are officially and democratically chosen to be “Champions” by their respective communities.

Season 1 (2013-2014) featured 100+ players from 45+ different communities, and the Season 2 (2015) boasted an even more impressive count of 70 different communities represented. The creator of Mafia himself (Dmitry Davidoff) has even supported and endorsed the series by previously offering to privately chat with the ultimate winner.

This year we’re expanding once again; 136 communities will be invited to participate, making this not only the biggest Mafia event ever, but also the largest cross-forum event in the history of the Internet.

Are you interested?

I am hoping very much that this all sounds exciting! If interested, I would need you all to name one representative to play on your community's behalf. How you decide this representative is completely up to you. To guarantee your community a spot in Season 3 of the Mafia Championship, I will need to know of your community's interest within the next week. Following this, you will have an additional two weeks to decide your nominee (until April 18th). Additionally, it would be a very good idea to also name an alternate.

When deciding your nomination, please consider the following: You should of course be aiming to send one of your best players. But more importantly this individual needs to be able to participate adequately in terms of activity. Be prepared for at least upwards of 500 posts per 24 hours during the early stages of the game. The representative needs to not only be able to read all this, but should also at least be able to manage 10+ posts per day phase. I repeat: These games will be active.

Season 3 Specifics

• 136 different communities are invited to participate. If some decline the invitation, I may opt to allow larger communities an additional nominee.
• 8 Qualifying Games will be played with 17 players each.
• 2 players advance to the Finale Game from each game based on post-game votes.
• 1 Wildcard Game will be played (Wildcards are decided by a jury consisting of former finalists), determining the 17th and final spot in the Finale. Runner-ups in this game will be first in line to replace any finalists who may have to drop out.

Season 3 Timeline & Important Dates

The first Qualifying Game is set to start April 25th. Additional games will take place in the 1-3 months following. I will create a Doodle and find out the best times to start the various games so that preferably everyone gets to play during a time that suits them well.

In addition to this, it is also a priority to ensure as much as possible that all the players in any given game has no prior history of playing with each other to ensure a level playing field (but I cannot 100% guarantee that this won’t happen).

Season 3 Game Design & Setup

For each season, we’ve changed it up. This time, we’re doing something new again!

The setup is called Matrix12 and is inspired by mafiascum’s popular Matrix6 setup, if any of you are familiar with that. In short, the concept is that there are 12 different possible setups and the host randomizes which one is used. The players know what setups are available, but not which one will be used!

I can link to the setup if a link is okay.

Regarding lynch mechanics: There will be a deadline each day phase, and the person with the most votes at the end of the day is lynched, unless a majority has already been reached before then, in which case the day ends prematurely.

Days will last 36 hours and nights 12 hours, meaning 48 hours (2 days) per game day. With one exception: The weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) will be one game day (so day will be 60 hours and night 12 hours on weekends).
We can't think of any real drawbacks to sending someone, and thus are passing the opportunity along. The determination of the representative will work as follows:

Anyone who has played at least three mafia games on our site is eligible to nominate themselves by posting to this thread. You may only nominate yourself; this sounds like a lot of work and we wouldn't want to put any sort of pressure on anyone to participate if they're not 100% into the idea. We have two options for determining which of the nominees we send; in the spirit of Twitch Plays Pokemon, we have dubbed them Democracy and Anarchy. Democracy is holding a brief, open poll allowing the SOTF mafia community to vote on which nominee to send. This allows for a more calculated decision that theoretically increases our chances of doing well, and is very in the spirit of mafia. Anarchy is rolling and sending whoever we roll. This allows everyone interested to have an equal chance of going, and is very in the spirit of SOTF. Which route we go will be determined by what the nominees want; in your post throwing your hat into the ring, please also express your preference for which selection criteria to use. This will let the people most impacted by and invested in this control its direction and tone. The same procedure will be used to select our alternate nominee. We'll get more information and let the representative know everything once they're chosen.

We'll let this first stage run for five days.

If you have any questions or concerns or for any reason object to SOTF participating in this event, please PM a staffer and we'll take your comments into consideration. Thanks for your time and attention!

Current candidates:

Current vote:
Democracy: 2
Anarchy: 0
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