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[[Fiyori Senay, continued from Mass Destruction]]

The searing sun shone brightly today. Too bright. Way too bright. The brightest and beyond bright. It shone and it felt as if Fiyori sat in the middle of an oven. An oven decorated by green and other green, perpetually combating the desert climate that dares to encroach on this manmade paradise.

In short, it was way too fucking hot. Her home was too fucking hot. The outside was even worse and she didn't know why she bothered. Black skin was supposed to ward the sun or something. Of course, there was a difference between radiation, and the blending light in her eyes and the piercing heat.

Fiyori considered ice cream. She had water, true, but ice cream would've been nice, too. Danny worked in Diamondback. She considered seeing him. Well, trying to see and buy something while he was on his shift. Funny, no? A few weeks ago, she actively avoided that place. Because of him. Then all of a sudden she was seeking it out. Because of him.

Truly, the folly of youth. Still, she didn't end up buying something. Not because Danny wasn't there, but because... because...


Heh, all she did was wandering around without aim. Uncertain about what she desired, and where she wanted to go. A metaphor for her life, maybe. Or maybe not. It actually wasn't one. She had a goal. A very concrete goal. A destination. One, that was so very soon... so very near... so close to grasp. All the past months, years even - they all have been a path to that one goal. And for that, she was proud.

Fiyori sat on a lone bench, and watched the sweat on her hands.
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