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He'd never considered Lucilly in the terms she framed herself. He'd never taken her at anything more than face value. What he saw was what he got, and all that. Well if she said it he wasn't going to contest the self-appraisal. Not his business to assume anything about the way she regarded her own high school life.

One day to indulge herself. And the honor was his.

It was melodramatic, but Ben was willing to play along. No way it wasn't pretty awesome, being the one she'd singled out. Subtle, gentle twists of body language with every pause she choose. The way she frailly carried herself in these moments looked good on her all things considered. Maybe she could have been a theater kid in a different life, or now. Second best time to plant a tree and all those wise things once said. Ben considered her with some soft feeling when she tried to hold his gaze. Took the edge out of his eyes, maybe. Swelling warmth up the chest.

"Alright, I see." Ben grinned, nodded. "Well rest assured, I'll do you justice. It's my duty at this point, isn't it?" Ben had lapsed for a moment in his more immediate duties, but he saw that there was an abandoned broom and rags near his hand and he started. "Sorry to interrupt the moment, but..." Back to work. Well, kind of. He wouldn't be that guy who just left a conversation awkwardly stalled. He smoothly worked out his thoughts vocally while his lithe back was half turned away. "Maybe we could do the shopping for Sadie stuff together? I'll need to buy a new dress shirt or something, I think I've grown out of my old ones. Much as I want to save money I also don't want to walk around Sadie with my love-handles on display..."

((Ben Fields continued in Heart of a Girl))
((Temporally continued in A Lazy Saturday))

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