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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Nadia watched as Sandy laid his prints out on the table before her. Although she primarily worked with digital photography, she still found developing film photographs to be pretty cool. The pictures Sandy took looked good as well. She realized that it would be hard for any of the photos to look entirely decent when everything was dimly lit or sickeningly bright due to the camera flash. However, she needed to look at the photos and judge them based on how Sandy described them.

Sandy's description of the photos was a lot more serious than she expected. He had ideas for what he thought the pictures represented and wanted them to be what he hoped they were instead of what he feared. Nadia nodded along as he spoke, and waited until it was her turn to speak.

"Well, I do think the couple looks awkward," Nadia said of the one with the boy and girl holding hands. "I don't know if it looks like they're happy. I sort of got the idea that people could only be so happy at Sadie Hawkins, mostly because they'd then have to save their real excitement for Prom. Other than that, I'm sure most people could see them as happy looking."

Nadia then looked at the one of the wallflowers.

"I think this one is a bit better," Nadia said, "although it's sort of awkward because of how they're placed in the frame. There's a lot of negative space to their right, but that can be cropped out, so it's not that big a deal. I do think it has a little more charm."

"What else you got?"
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