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Interesting. He had expected the other boy to be weirded out, or at least slightly taken aback by him suddenly joining him at the table. None of that was the case, to the contrary, the guy, who was apparently named Cristóbal, had even met him with cordial politeness. Now that certainly was a welcome change of pace.

"I'm not waiting for anyone, no." Bit of a curt response. The other guy deserved more than that, for his patience to put up with a complete stranger alone. "Just...just staying here for a bit, I suppose - granted you don't mind, of course!" He had practically panted out the last bit, a hasty afterthought, thick with his German accent. Trying to be as polite as possible, as usual with the same predictably awkward results.

Maxim started drumming his finger on the table. Nervous habit, just something to distract the inner demons. He had no reason to get anxious like that. Curiosity had led him here, made him stay and he had not regretted it yet. Just had to say something else now, before the pause of awkward silence got stretched for too long.

"Cristóbal, huh? That's a pretty cool name. Interesting, I mean." Not the smoothest of transitions, but something to work with. He was getting there.

Raising his head slightly, he took a moment to get a better look at the other boy's features. He liked the hair. Something delightfully audacious about it, he couldn't really tell how else to describe it. Not only that though. His entire appearance didn't seem much different than that of all those "cool kids" that he couldn't stand one bit. But Cristo didn't have that same demeanor, that sort of proud arrogance, one trying to put their alleged superiority on display. No, this guy was clearly not like them.

Maxim allowed himself to a weak smile, the best he could muster to show his own goodwill. "I'm Maxim. And yes, I don't think we've spoken before. I'd remember a face like yours - that's not supposed to mean anything, I just have a good memory, is all." He barely knew the boy and he had already gone over to not so subtle bragging. Bravo. "Anyway - nice to meet you."
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