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“Err, well, actually, that’s not quite what happened for me…”

Mia gave Nathan a sheepish grin, unintentionally mimicking him as she, too, rubbed the back of her neck, thinking back to that competition. It was a fairly fond memory, all things considered, despite what had happened during it. She had a poster board in her room, covered in newspaper clippings and medals relating to noteworthy sporting events she’d taken part in, and the brief section of the article covering that competition that mentioned her name was firmly nestled in the top right corner.

“I, uh, was actually in the middle of a six-person pileup on the first turn. Wasn’t my fault at least! But, still, got a ‘Did Not Finish’ for that race, and that was me out of the competition. Didn’t let it get me down, though! Even Olympic BMX cyclists get into crashes, after all. And, hell, if I gave up then, that’s what my legacy would have been; a middle of the pack first race and a DNF second race.”

That first competition was still a sort of running joke amongst her BMX comrades; not malicious in the slightest, just teasing between friends and rivals. ‘Hey Mia, make sure you don’t wipe out on the first turn again’, that sort of thing. It wasn’t an insult towards her current skills, more a comparison between where she’d started from and where she was now.

Besides, if the jibes became actually vindictive, she’d been a first-hand witness to enough of their crashes to have plenty of retaliatory ammo.

“I think it’s good to be nervous, though! I mean, not as nervous as the first time you do something, but a little bit of nerves means you’re worried about messing something up, right? And that just means you really care about whatever it is you’re doing! At least that’s how I see it.”

Mia smiled, looking down at the table, then back up at Nathan.

“Anyway, uh, fries! Yeah! Maybe that’ll be enough to stop me rambling and stuff…”
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