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Why, he asked. Why, she asked too. Not to him, but to herself. A single question, urging her to find an answer to this juvenile urge that has plagued her for weeks and weeks. Yet, she has found an answer. A solution. A 'that's' to the 'why'. Lucilly believed she found one.

For a moment, Lucilly paused. The battle of the Fields house gave way to her pondering, and for a single moment she considered throwing the question back at Benjamin. Ah, but such insolence. For he had asked and she would answer. All she needed was some time. Some little time, and a few seconds for her to express her thoughts. To express her inner feelings in a package that was palatable to the young man to her side.

"The common school life has never been my forte," she said and added "for at least that is how I perceived it."

Lucilly looked Benjamin into his eyes, waiting a second more.

"Yet, as we pass the last pages of this chapter in our lives, I only wish to participate. Directly, actively, if only a single time." She could feel an awkward warmth rising within herself. Lucilly rubbed her cheek, as if petting to calm herself.

"What better chance is there than the Sadie Hawkins? What better person was there to ask than... you?"
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