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Huh, it actually worked. Again. Seemed he was either more socially competent than he would have given himself credit for, or he simply knew how to cheer up Brendan specifically. Either way, he was content.

There ya go, Bren. Smile a little, shake off the anxiousness. He recognized the state that his friend was apparently in or going through, he had been there himself, more times than he could count or care to remember. Not that he would have had it any other way, he was fairly happy with who he was, how he was. Brendan, on the other hand, he didn't seem happy at all. And being his friend, he couldn't just let that be, of course. An unfamiliar feeling, people relying on him for something. He wasn't quite sure how he liked it.

Maxim pulled his hand back from his pal's shoulder, just in time, it seemed, as he spotted Alba approaching the table a split second later, punch in hand. She sure was an energetic one, no doubt about it. Bren and her really were a somewhat odd couple, now that he thought about it. But at the same time, it was also kind of...cute? Was that the appropriate term?

Not really important now. What was of utmost importance now, however, was coming up with a suitable response to her question. Awkwardness potential: Dangerously high.

He gave Alba a somewhat nervous smile, before glancing at his friend, who seemed to have just as much trouble as him coming up with an answer. Could he really trust Brendan on this one? The guy looked just as anxious as he had been seconds ago, all that work for naught, it seemed. Though "work" was really kinda exaggerating things.

In any case, he did fear what his pal would tell his "friend date". An elaborate white lie? The likelihood of that was beyond negative. Damn, what he if he told her the truth? Sure, he himself had advised Brendan to discuss things with her, but now was certainly not the time, nor the place to do so. Especially not with Maxim still around. Witnessing potentially intimate relationship talk was at the very bottom of things he hoped to do this evening.

"We were just talking about..."

Brendan was gonna say it, he was absolutely going to say it. Say that they were talking about his relationship with Alba, which would inevitably lead to exactly what he was hoping to avoid. Time to intervene, then.

"About some book stuff, new volume of a series we both read. Nothing too special." He turned his head slightly towards Brendan, trying to indicate to him to go along with it. He then shifted his gaze back towards Alba, still wearing a slightly strained smile.

"Anyway, thank you for getting us the drinks!" He reached out and carefully took one of the cups into his hand, trying his best to act completely casual. "Hope you don't mind us men letting the woman do all the work." Ouch. Painful joke right there, but all he could come up with, in order to change the subject. Just had to hope that she wouldn't see right through him.
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