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((Kizi continued from Not Quite the Zeitgeist.))

Kizi was always one of the first out of the building, unless she had to stay behind to discuss some schoolwork, or one of her friends she was mid-conversation with was taking slightly longer, or she belatedly realised she had messed up her organisational priorities and had left one of her textbooks out for too long, or was in a classroom a fair walk away from the exit to the grounds...

In hindsight, that was quite an unverifiable generalisation. Extenuating factors aside, she was usually out of the building before a majority of her peers.

There. That was a far more valid statement.

She broke away from the crowd first opportunity she got, walking off in a slightly different direction from the bulk of the student body, taking a slightly eccentric angle across the grounds. She was never bothered with the heat of the sun. She was far more adept with the heat than the cold, but at least when it was too cold you could put more layers on. No similarly easy solution with the heat. Luckily it was nowhere near that level.

She spotted Jasmine, and waved, and began making her way over. Was that Jasmine? She couldn't tell at this distance, and her wave stopped mid-swing as she hesitated. She took another step forward. Yep. Definitely Jasmine.
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